Clarke has been featured as a fitness and exercise authority in several TV fitness programs, newspapers and international magazines. His workout routines are endorsed by a string of faithful local devotees as well as visiting VIP’s who hire the Personal Trainer to help them stay in shape during shorter stays on the island. Clarke gift as a fitness couch was recently acknowledged by his long-term client, wellness guru Dr. Anthony Vendryes in his 2015 book “An Ounce of Prevention”.

What The Clients Say:

“I really appreciate the variety that Christopher offers in his workouts. I have a tendency to get quickly bored with exercise routines, but he keeps it new and fresh each day. He does not confine my workouts to a gym and if it is nice outside, he will suggest walking or running outside and doing exercises on the beach.”

Kristi Henderson / New York based PR professional

“Chris’ clients are walking advertisements! He really takes pride in you looking good, and helps you accomplish your goals whether it is too lose weight or to tone up. I specially liked his multifaceted approach which helped me achieve my target weight and generally tone up in a mere 6 weeks.”

Lester Scott / General Manager, West Paces Hotels, Atlanta, GA

“I really enjoyed having Chris there to help motivate me, direct my workouts and make sure I stayed focused. He helped me get in the best shape of my life while making sure every workout was varied and fun. I started noticing results immediately.”

Ragni Trotta / Executive Vice President

“I credit Christopher with transforming my health and my body, both internally and esthetically.”

Peter Lloyd / Actor & Singer, Screen Actor’s Guild of America

“His workouts are totally awesome.”

Ce'Cile / Perfomer & Singer, Jamaica

“Christopher Clarke is Jamaica’s number one Personal Trainer.”

Dr. Anthony Vendryes / Columnist, Author, Talkshow Host and Lecturer